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Press Releases:
Becka is now in COSTCO.
Windmill Books signs on as educational publisher of Becka.
Book Launch Party of Becka goes to San Diego, over 500 books sold.
Author, Gretchen Wendel named KRAFT top 100 women in America.


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AC - Lifestyle
- Students interview creators. Hilarious.
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India Life & Style Magazine
- Brilliant Review of "Becka goes to India
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PreschoolRock Review -   "Becka goes to India"
San Diego Bargain Mama - Interview with the authors
The Coast News - 100+ kids enjoy a Becka reading Full review
- “All Around Town”
Featured article in Work it Mom - "Traveling with Kids"
Becka goes to San Diego- Authors give 100,000 digital books to Charity
Books Sellout - Recent B&N reading, books sold out in 30 min! - Fun Books open kids eyes - Becka review
North County Times - Gretchen named top 100 women in USA!
Encinitas Magazine - One on One with author Gretchen Wendel

TV Appearances:

"Foggy Dreams" Oceanside KOCT San Diego

CBS 5 San Francisco "Bay Sunday" Sunday, Jan 27th

FOX NEWS San Diego Friday, December. 7th 7:45am

"San Francisco KRON-TV Morning Show" Sat, Oct. 20th 9:15

KNSD-TV Morning Show" Saturday, Oct. 6th 7:15am

ABC San Francisco Channel 7 “View from the Bay” Oct 16th 3pm-4pm


Writing for Children Center, Featured on Book Bites For Kids


Country Rose Award: Best Children’s Book Series
Accepted into the San Diego Library System
Partnering with the Golden State Warriors reading program
Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Bookpals program


"Right when we finished reading San Francisco, she asked me read it again immediately!" -- Wernher Krutein, Renowned Author/Photographer

"My son keeps asking me to read Becka and the Big Bubble again and again. He has never in his life wanted to read a book twice! There is something going on here!" -- Meri, owner Magical Child Boutique

"We ALL loved the sweet story and when parents came to pick up, I had to explain that we were reading the book a second time that day, my adventurious weekend, and how much the kids loved the book.  I suggested it would be great as a gift." - Teacher, Carolyn Rotunda, Chicago IL

"Perfect mix of education and fun. The little ones need the fun… I guess it doesn't hurt for us adults either." -- Laura Johnson

"I'm an adventurer and I love to travel. So I can relate to the spirit of the books. My kids and I love them!" - Dawn Diskin

"My nieces and nephews are eating it up!" -- Tim McKendrick, Detroit, MI

"Becka and the Big Bubble opens the imagination of my children. They get so excited when we read the books. They sit and listen to the stories in awe. And my 5 year old is learning to read from the rhyming."- Angela Simone

"Becka is a really confident role model for children. Try new things and explore and always know that home is where the heart is." -- Jennifer Zanoli

"My daughter seemed especially enthralled with Around Town, releasing an audible gasp when Becka's bubble burst, sending Becka tumbling. She got caught up in Becka's excitement and the enthusiasm of Becka's friends." – Lead Editor,

"If you want to buy a book that is educational yet entertaining buy Becka." - Lisa Gordon, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Becka's joyfully animated facial expressions invite preschoolers to join in her excitement as she takes us on a sightseeing tour of India, teaching us all about this rich culture." --

"These books open their mind to possibilities. It shows them that you can dream big and anything can happen." - Meghan Baier

"It could be read to a 4- or 5-year-old as a bedtime story without pictures and the child's imagination would do the rest." – Lead Editor,

"Captivating rhymes and colorful full-page illustrations invite us into Becka's world…" -

"From Becka we learn that, although life can get a bit scary at times, we can move forward fearlessly, enjoying all that life has to offer."
-Lead Editor,

"San Francisco book would be a great way to prepare a child for a vacation to the area or to purchase afterwards as a reminder of your trip." - 5 Minute Mom

"What a wonderful reading, kids were repeating with Becka "Fantippity-Tastic!" - Grace, Oceanside, CA Librarian

"All week long my kids (ages three and five) have been pretending that they can fly and have been creating a backdrop for their adventures in imaginary flight. I am sitting here... and ... hello... it only now dawns on me what has transpired: My preschoolers have the Becka and the Big Bubble Bug!" - Stacey Ross, owner

"My son's chapped stick flew off our sink and he exclaimed "Flippity-Free" quoting our Becka and the Big Bubble books. We love them!" - Dawn Taarud

"Many of my students will never travel outside of their own community. Becka’s adventures allow my students to understand and discuss cultures and communities outside of their own. The playful language and vibrant illustrations allow us to open our imaginations and to travel outside of our classroom." - Teacher, Chrisy Duby (Chicago Inner City)